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If you are willing to spend $1500.00 on an off the shelf product, then why not get something you can actually help design. Build something that is yours, unique to you or your style of playing, your personality. Or pick one of our designs, hell modify our design....that's what's so awesome about this.

Call the name brands and ask about customizing a guitar, then call us, We guarantee you can get more guitar for your buck.

Our Products

HOW this works:

All guitars are made to order.

If a guitar is available you can purchase it now, if not we will make another for you.

All designs will be similar, but not identical, your guitar will be made for you.

You have total control of your custom guitar, send us your design and spec's 
Or let us help guide you through the process.

We only use natural woods.
Color options are available per request.

We are not a music store, or a manufacturer, we strictly do one off customs - we pimp your ride, and offer you cool  gear to pair your rig with.

Builders Series: 
We take your existing guitar and utilize as many components as you want to make you a one off custom

Do you have an idea that might be a little out there? SEND IT!!! We want it all, we have craftsman who can handle almost anything.

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